Finding for the Elusive Backpack

It seems that the existence of backpack circumscribes daily rigid activities; that the idea and usefulness itself somehow embedded to life and works of modern living condition. But let me ask you questions that demand answers of great significance. What would be the ideal path of Finding the Best Backpacks? What could be the qualities that entitle its existence suitable for man’s prerogative?

This article attempts to discuss issues governing those stated inquiries. That it imparts valuable ideas aiding man’s decision-making to commit the right choice; that it will serve as indisputable list of advantages and disadvantages throughout the process.

Features to remember when choosing an ideal backpack;

A.    The capacity to store more things dominates man’s preference in choosing a bag. An item that offers larger storage space is primary priority. Nobody wants a bag with small storage capacity. The truth is male workloads are always on the move. With this preva

B.    iling condition, more things must be handled and carried while doing work at the same time.

C.   Promotes organization and neatness; Being disorganized is a big No-No. It’s a mistake to be chaotic in terms of item placement. Zippers in bags encourage good habit of storing things on single or multiple readily accessible spot. “When you put something on your bag, be sure you know where you can pull it”.

D.   Able to store and protect light-weight electronic devices; with the explosion of sophisticated gadget applications, it is important to consider that bags should offer storage and protection. Laptop, camera and smartphone are highly sensitive items with high mortality rate when bumpy moment manifests itself.

E.    Superior mixture of style and function; A bag should also represents macho-image. It should define somebody with great sense of style. I mean who wants a pink polka-dot bag with Dragonball logo? Just ask 10 individual if they want it and you will have a unanimous respond of No way!

F.   Comfort and versatility; some bags had built-in rollers/wheels. This innovation provides someone of two great approach of carrying. Either you wheel it along just like suitcase or carry it on your back. It practically gives your back a lot of time to rest and prevents irreversible back injuries. Take note that the sole purpose of backpack design is to widely allocate weight distribution in even manner across the individual’s body so fatigue and muscle strain can be prevented in the carrying process. Taking into consideration that core muscles and back are the powerful lifters of the human body. It’s no wonder that this item plays unprecedented role in mankind's activities.

Some perfect imperfections

This segment deals with the disadvantages of using backpack.

One loophole of backpack is the opening design. Some were design smaller that it forces the carrier to unpack its whole bag just to find that piece of something. It creates additional workload procedure of preparing, disorganizing and organizing once again the things inside the bag. In addition there is a great difficulty of keeping clothes firmly folded when inside a bag. This condition leaves no-choice of daily ironing and religious speculation on wrinkled spot on clothes. Life gets complicated when you put your clothes in backpack. That’s a fact!

Wearing backpack is not advisable on public transportation. It somehow yields a nasty recognition due to the tendency to smack into people when space gets tight. It’s the inconvenient truth that one must realize and if you find yourself in situation like this remember to take-it-off to avoid conflicts and annoyance.

Flere’s the security dilemma; bags are naturally carried on your back and out of sight. It potentially invites for pickpockets that will surely grab the opportunity once the moment offers an enticing invitation. If you are on public transportation site or in a huge crowd, you will never recognize the disparity between unintentional bump committed and someone placing his hand to steal something on your bag. So extreme awareness is needed when you realize that you’re in a situation like this condition.


In far reaching generalization, I think in finding the finest backpack one must somehow recognize excellent storage capacity, protection of items, comfort upon wearing, and stylish design that tells the character of the carrier. It's not an easy thing to do but requires detailed attention and patience.

If women’s world revolves on expensive shoes and bags; then man’s universe would be nothing without backpacks. It’s a reality we have to face.

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