What The Interesting of Pure Guardian Humidifier

Humidity is simply the level of water vapor concentration in the air. An irritated nose, a dry spongy throat, cracks on lips that can be very painful, and eyes that are really itchy are some of the signs that you are breathing in air with very low levels of humidity while stuffy rooms with mold-infested walls are a sure sign of high humidity levels. A humidifier is necessary to correct either of the two extremes mentioned above. Pure guardian humidifier is an easy to use humidifier that produces both warm and cold mists according to the users preference.

Pure guardian humidifiers unique features

  • – It has an easy to fill water tank that has the ability take up to a gallon or two of water depending on your preferred model.
  • – The small size of the pure guardian makes it appropriate to use in apartments, offices, and bedrooms.
  • – It is surprisingly quiet when in use to the point of anonymity largely due to the ultrasonic system.
  • – You have the option of a warm or a cool mist.
  • – The speed of the mist can be regulated with speeds that range from low to high.
  • – It has a running time of between 10 to 120 hrs. before water refill is required depending on the model
  • – The gadget has minimal cleaning and Maintenance requirements making it very easy to use.
  • – The water tank is made with fungi killing agent to guard against the growth of mildew and molds.
  • – It has a useful low water indicator that reminds the user when a refill is required.
  • – It comes with a warranty that is valid for three years.

Different categories of Pure guardian humidifier

With varying reasons of use the pure guardian humidifier is divided into several categories which differ in size, shape and features.

Here are some of the distinctive differences between the models;

1) water holding capacity – the size of the water tanks differ from one model to the other. The amount of water that the gadget can hold determines the duration the gadget can be used without requiring a refill with the speed of the mist being kept constant. This duration ranges from a low of 10 hours to a high of 120 hours.

2) Shapes – The pure guardian humidifier has a huge variety of shapes to choose on site ChooseHumidifier.com from depending on the intended purpose and area of use. The nozzle of the gadget also comes in different shapes with some models having nozzles that are split into two to enhance adequate and fast circulation of the mist into the entire room.

3) Type of water that should be used – While most brands are fitted with a filter that can demineralize hard water, some pure guardian humidifier units do not have this capability hence can only use soft water. If such gadgets are refilled with hard water they dispense white dust that is very fine in texture into the atmosphere.

4) humidistat – The level of humidity in the atmosphere is measured by use of a humidistat. Although it is not compulsory, some models of pure guardian humidifier come fitted with a humidistat making it easy for the user to adjust the humidity levels accordingly.

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