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African Fast Food,

The album released on February 23 is called African Fast Food, but it is still surprisingly digestible.It must be said that, in the kitchen, it is the chef (musical), bassist, singer and composer Alune Wade, whose third personal record is his, who directs the fusion drum.Senegalese from Paris, having already provided the service for other virtuoso madmen (Marcus Miller, Ismaël Lô, Cheick Tidiane Seck…), Wade, 39 years old, has developed his own recipes through his collaborations.

The bass player picks the best in all genres – You can find it at all the great shop, or in second-hand !

In his stoves, pianist Leo Genevese, born in Argentina, trumpet player Renaud Gensane, from Madagascar, percussionist Adriano DD Tenorio, from Brazil, and drummer Mokhtar Samba, who has roots in Morocco and Senegal, are active.In his afro burger, this time there is a slice of jazz, large pieces of Cuban music, a pinch of Senegalese folk music, all wrapped in a delicious afrobeat sauce.The bass player picks the best in all genres…and in musicians, from all origins.

No second knife, therefore, in this mixed album which makes the bet of groove and which has the good taste to invite in addition to the microphone the Nigerian Kuku and the French rapper Oxmo Puccino.Boss, the same chose !

An album based on African dishe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_African_dishes